Sissy Humiliation

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I am throwing a party tonight and I need you help, but nobody wants to see an old man walking around so I am going to have you dress up like a sexy server girl
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We are going to dress you up a cute little pink dress, do your makeup, and you can even borrow a pair of panties
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You're going to do whatever we say and we are going to dress you up like a girl
Herman A and Eddie were going for a fuck in the living room, however, the last one was wearing a chic blond wig and a pretty girlie dress to spice things up. You'll see them kissing by the big dark wood dresser before moving to the large leather couch for some oral foreplay. The sissified doll sucked her boyfriend's dick before getting on all fours to take it up the brown as well.
Aww you're going to look OH SO pretty in our bras and panties
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PICTURESPICTURESKatharine B&Austin A sissy whore and strapon lady

Sissy Discipline
We've been talking and we think that there is something off about the way that you look. You just don't look right dressed in men's clothes and we thought that we should see what you look like dressed like a little girl. Oh my God, you look perfect! This is how you are going to dress from now on. Dressing like a little girl definitely suits you much better than men's clothes because that's what you are. You're just a spoiled little princess who needs some serious discipline and we're just the girls to give it to you. If we catch you wearing men's clothes again, we are going to make you very, very sorry.

Gay Sissies
Hard sex for sexy crossdressers and amateur sissies! Disguising yourself as a woman and having gay sex with a male is one of the forbidden yet so sweet fantasies that one could ever imagine. Once you have felt yourself like a gorgeous woman, experienced this thrilling touch of soft and silky female clothes, felt the excitement and interest of a handsome and strong man that you have awaken in him, there is no way back. Having sex with a man while disguised as a woman is something very special, and nothing compares to the pleasure of a screwed hard and sprayed with man semen gay. Regardless of whether you're an experienced crossdresser that has already taken a man-meat up your man-pussy and down your mouth or you're just fantasizing about it secretly putting on panties and skirts of your wife, you'll be able to experience to the full all the incredible sensations from sweet gay sex while appearing as a woman after becoming our subscriber.

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